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UniReady Enabling Program

Successfully completing this short program can qualify you for entry into a range of undergraduate degrees at Curtin - and you can study it on campus, fully online, or a combination of both.

About UniReady Enabling Program

UniReady is free to Australian and New Zealand citizens, and Australian permanent residents. It's designed to help you gain entry into a range of Health Sciences, Humanities or Curtin Business School undergraduate courses.

UniReady is for you if you:

  • missed out on Curtin's minimum ATAR; or
  • completed year 12 but did not take WACE exams or equivalent; or
  • are undertaking or completed vocational studies and now want to come to University; or
  • are a mature age student (20 years or older).

UniReady Intensive

UniReady Intensive is a five week (plus orientation and exam week) program offered at the Bentley campus during January and February. It can help you gain entry into your chosen course in time for first semester.

Please note that the Australia Day public holiday on Monday 26 January 2015 will not be observed - classes will run as normal on that day.

UniReady Semester One and Two

UniReady is a one-semester (12 weeks, plus orientation and exam week) program offered in first and second semester, either on campus at Bentley, fully online, or a combination of both.

Please note:

  • Applicants must be past the compulsory school age as defined by the Western Australian School Education Act 1999 in the year they wish to study in the UniReady Enabling Program.
  • Australian and New Zealand students must be resident in Australia for the duration of at least one unit.

Study through UniReady

The UniReady Enabling Program aims to develop your independent learning skills and prepare you for university study. The program incorporates a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness that caters to students with a wide range of educational backgrounds, ages and experiences.

How will this program help me get into Curtin?

When you complete the program successfully, you'll be able to apply for entry to certain undergraduate courses at Curtin. When you apply, a 'notional' ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) will be calculated from your final grades. This means you'll fulfil Curtin's minimum entrance requirements of an ATAR of 70 and English competency.

Your score isn't considered an official ATAR because it's not awarded through WACE, but it's recognised by Curtin and TISC as meeting the University's minimum entry requirements.

How much will it cost?

There are no course fees for UniReady and you won't be charged per unit. But you are expected to buy essential study materials such as stationery and a calculator, and have access to a reliable internet connection.

How do I complete the program?

The program consists of four units (100 credits) and you must pass each unit to successfully complete the program. You need to enrol in two core units and choose two units from the five optional units:

Unit code Unit name Credits
PWRP0001 Fundamentals of Academic Writing 25
COMS0002 Foundations of Communication 25
SELECT TWO OPTIONS (see below) 50
Optional units to select from
HUMN0001 Introduction to Humanities 25
MGMT0001 Introduction to Commerce 25
BIOL0001 Introduction to Health Sciences 25
MATH0003 Applying Mathematics 25
INDS0002 Indigenous Australian Studies 25

Your optional unit should relate to your preferred undergraduate course. For example, if you want to study a degree from the Health Sciences faculty, you should complete the Introduction to Health Sciences unit.

Students studying UniReady in Semester 2, 2014 have a slightly different program. Students complete three core units and one unit from the three optional units:

Unit code Unit name Credits
300443 Academic Writing 013 25
300447 Communication 013 25
313974 Applying Mathematics 013 25
SELECT 1 OPTION (see below) 25
Optional units to select from
300453 Introduction to Humanities 013 25
300458 Introduction to Commerce 013 25
313973 Introduction to Health Sciences 013 25

See the Courses Handbook for the full course structure.

Courses UniReady can lead to

The UniReady Enabling Program may help you qualify for entry into some Curtin undergraduate courses - see the list below.

If you're not sure if UniReady will qualify you for a particular course as it's not listed, contact the course's faculty to determine the requirements.

If you're interested in studying science at Curtin (other than a Health Sciences course), contact the Faculty of Science and Engineering for information about their enabling programs. See Science and Engineering Alternative Pathways or phone (08) 9266 1000.

Curtin Business School

Course code Course name
130110 Business Administration (Bachelor of Business Administration)
130099 Commerce (Bachelor of Commerce)

Health Sciences

Course code Course name
155699 Food Science and Technology (Bachelor of Science)
311752 Health Information Management (Bachelor of Science)
156799 Health Promotion (Bachelor of Science)
305717 Health Promotion and Health and Safety Double Degree (Bachelor of Science)
155599 Health Sciences (Bachelor of Science)
311344 Health, Safety and Environment (Bachelor of Science)
305735 Human Biology Preclinical (Bachelor of Science)
311376 Laboratory Medicine (Bachelor of Science)
301636 Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology (Bachelor of Science)
174910 Nursing (Bachelor of Science) (subject to quota)
167999 Psychology (Bachelor of Psychology)
133510 Psychology and Commerce Double Degree (Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce)
312010 Social Work (Bachelor of Social Work)


Course code Course name
311935 3D Design (Bachelor of Arts)
312329 Anthropology and Sociology (Bachelor of Arts)
B-ARCH Architecture (Bachelor of Applied Science)
311945 Art and Design Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
313319 Arts and Commerce Double Degree (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce)
311938 Asian Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
311940 Chinese (Bachelor of Arts)
311907 Creative Advertising and Graphic Design (Bachelor of Arts)
312176 Creative Writing (Bachelor of Arts)
311950 Digital Design (Bachelor of Arts)
301381 Early Childhood Education (Bachelor of Education)
311951 Fashion (Bachelor of Arts)
311936 Fine Art (Bachelor of Arts)
312117 Geography Sustainable Development (Bachelor of Arts)
312330 History (Bachelor of Arts)
153799 Interior Architecture (Bachelor of Arts)
312331 International Relations (Bachelor of Arts)
312085 Internet Communications (Bachelor of Arts)
311937 Japanese (Bachelor of Arts)
312084 Journalism (Bachelor of Arts)
312921 Librarianship and Corporate Information Management (Bachelor of Arts)
310516 Literary and Cultural Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
158699 Mass Communication (Bachelor of Arts)
303554 Performance Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
313301 Photography and Illustration Design (Bachelor of Arts)
158510 Primary Education (Bachelor of Education)
312177 Professional Writing and Publishing (Bachelor of Arts)
312116 Screen Arts (Bachelor of Arts)
161510 Secondary Education (Bachelor of Education)
153899 Urban and Regional Planning (Bachelor of Arts)
314408 Visualisation Technologies (Bachelor of Arts)

How to apply for UniReady

UniReady Intensive 2015

Applying for UniReady Intensive?

Please note that we're unable to send offers until 30 November 2015. However, we do recommend you apply as early as possible to ensure there is plenty of time to resolve any issues that may arise with your application.

You'll need to apply directly to UniReady for entry to the Intensive program. Applications are submitted online via an eApplication. Visit the online applications page to learn more and apply.

Applications open: 8 September 2014
Applications close: 6 January 2015

Intensive Program commences: 12 January 2015

UniReady Semester 1 2015

You'll need to apply via TISC (the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre) for first semester entry, regardless of whether you're a school leaver or a mature age student. Please visit the TISC website for more information on how to apply via TISC.

For the exact closing dates and application fees, visit the TISC calendar.

Applications open: 11 August 2014
Applications close: 21 January 2015

Semester commences: 2 March 2014

For more information about semester dates please refer to the Academic Calendar.

Contact us

UniReady Enabling Program
Phone: +61 8 9266 7632
Fax: +61 8 9266 1734

Visit us

We're located in Building 603, 6 Sarich Way, Technology Park, Bentley - see Google map. You can also download the Lost On Campus app for your phone. This can be downloaded from your phone's app store; just search for 'lost on campus'. Follow the prompts to register.

Curtin's free hail and ride shuttle bus is available during semester.

UniReady opening hours are 9.00 am to 4.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Postal address

UniReady Enabling Program
Curtin Teaching and Learning
GPO Box U1987
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