What to study

Whilst you may have some idea of the area you would like to study, there are many different paths available to achieving your degree. Curtin offers a diverse range of courses and units and you can choose which ones will best suit your intended career path.

What is a bachelor degree?

A bachelor degree is designed for students with no prior experience of university education.

What is a prerequisite?

Some courses require you to have specific background knowledge, called a prerequisite, which can be met by passing a WACE exam in specified subjects. You can study these subjects in year 11 and 12.

You satisfy a prerequisite if you complete the WACE examination in that subject and achieve a scaled mark of 50 or better. Studying English is essential for all of our courses.

What is an ATAR?

The Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) is the grading system used to assess and compare the coursework and exam results of school leavers who are applying for entry to university. You will receive a number ranging between zero and 99.95, that ranks your position relative to all other students in your age group.

Some university courses require a higher ATAR than other university courses.

Flexible study options

Curtin offers flexible study options to suit your lifestyle, location, preferred learning style, and career goals. Whether you choose to study on or off campus, all out courses offer online access to unit information, learning materials and communications tools.

Study part time

Depending on your commitments, you can choose to study one, two, three or four units per semester. You can also change this from semester to semester.

Double degree

A double degree gives you an additional qualifications and can increase your employability.

Lectures anytime

Curtin’s widespread iLecture system records lectures, workshops, tutorials and conference proceedings. You can stream high-resolution video or audio files for many classes and listen or watch at your leisure.

Plan your own timetable

Even before you come to Curtin, you can plan your potential class schedule on our website. Try different combinations of units and find a timetable that best suits you.

Online courses

Our online courses give you the freedom to study when it is convenient for you. They allow you to maintain your work-life balance while helping you to achieve your career aspirations. You’ll get the same degree as if you studied on campus and you’ll still have the opportunity to learn and socialise with other students.

Find the right course for you

Have any questions about courses, entry requirements, alternative pathways or anything else Curtin related? We can answer it.