Curtin Outreach

A range of general and specific outreach activity goes on at Curtin. Our different programs accommodate individuals or groups, as we engage on campus, off campus, or online to offer an opportunity for potential university students to gain inspiration and information as they consider tertiary education.

Future Student enquiries


This friendly first point of call is for anyone thinking about going to university and seeking information on what Curtin offers, or advice about how to get in. Contact us for a chat or to book an appointment 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

School and community groups

This is a service suitable to career counsellors, school teachers or community workers who seek engagement with their group of prospective or aspiring students. Future student advisors may come to you, or host your group on campus.

Curtin Ahead

The Curtin Addressing Higher Educational Access Disadvantage (AHEAD) Program is a collaborative and innovative higher education outreach program that grows the potential of groups and individuals that are under-represented in higher education. Curtin AHEAD offers a variety of awareness, aspiration-raising and capability building projects for school students and people in the community.

Science Outreach

An opportunity for school or community groups with an interest in science to visit Curtin to view state-of-the-art facilities, experience demonstrations and participate in hands-on activities. Alternatively Science Outreach team members can visit you to provide a science and university talk, hands-on activities in a range of science subjects, and interactive science demonstrations.

Engineering Outreach

Have you ever wondered exactly what it is that engineers do? Come and find out at one of our many outreach programs. Curtin Engineering coordinates a range of school outreach activities designed to expose secondary students, teachers and parents to the world of engineering and its various disciplines.

Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)

The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) is a dynamic education program that trains university students as mentors to support Indigenous high school students define their own aspirations and transition into university, employment or further education at the same rate as all Australian students.


Schools and teachers can get involved in EcoChallenge, an online strategic game that helps raise awareness of the importance and challenges of managing limited natural resources in the face of multiple and often competing demands in the drive towards a sustainable development.


A useful online forum suitable for Western Australian high school students in Year 10, 11 or 12 who are interested in gaining support and study resources to help them get through high school and into university.

Have any questions about courses, admission criteria, bridging and enabling courses or anything else Curtin related? We can answer it.