Student exchange

Curtin students have the opportunity to study overseas for one or two semesters. Exchange is an exciting opportunity to experience another culture and add a unique edge to your Curtin degree. Travelling while you study has many benefits including:

  • improving your cultural awareness
  • developing your independence and initiative
  • boosting your confidence
  • broadening you networks and potentially increasing your employability

We have partnerships with universities across Europe, Asia, North and South America. If you choose a formal exchange program, your overseas studies are credited towards your degree.

You can attend an information session and to assist you to plan and prepare for your international experience.

Find out more about Student Exchange including how to apply and closing dates for applications, or explore more global opportunities available to our students.

Attend Curtin on exchange

International students can attend Curtin through the student exchange program. You can gain credit towards your degree whilst enjoying the vibrant atmosphere and world-class facilities at one of Curtin’s multicultural campuses.

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