Vocational courses and credit agreements

Your previous study at a vocational institution can help you get into Curtin and may enable you to finish your degree faster.

What is credit for recognised learning (CRL)?

Credit for recognised learning (CRL) is when you receive credit for previous study or work experience that can help you to complete your degree in a shorter amount of time. At Curtin we grant credit for units within your course.

Choose from the education providers below to see what agreements are in place with that provider, and whether you’re entitled to credit toward the completion of a related Curtin course.

The courses listed on the following pages are not the only courses for which you can receive credit towards a Curtin degree. See credit for previous study or work experience for more information.

Studied at an institution outside of Australia?

You may be eligible for credit towards some Curtin courses. See if your
institution is listed and what you may be entitled to.

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