Canning College

Curtin offers recognition for prior learning for Canning College students studying commerce, who wish to study further at university.

Canning College courseCurtin courseMaximum CRL to be granted
Diploma of Commerce (Curtin Stream)Bachelor of Commerce200

Important information to note

  • To be eligible for CRL, you must have started studying the above Canning College course after 28 November 2013 and before 27 November 2018 and enrol in the associated Curtin course within 10 years of finishing.
  • Some Curtin courses require previous study to be completed more recently than 10 years and the granting of some credit may depend on the major and/or units you choose in your Curtin course.
  • An offer for the listed Curtin course will be dependent upon there being a vacancy in the course and that you have no sanctions or visa concerns.

Learn how to apply for credit

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