Credit for recognised learning (CRL)

At Curtin, we grant credit for units within your course based on your previous study or work experience. It’s called Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) – formerly known as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). If you are eligible for CRL, you may be exempt from completing some units, and you may be able to finish your degree in a shorter amount of time.

CRL is awarded to all types of students, for all types of study or work experience, including:

  • TAFE qualifications
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from tertiary institutions
  • Units/subjects at a tertiary institution
  • Relevant work and life experience.

About the different types

General (optional) /elective credit

General/elective credit may be granted for completed study or work experience. It is applied only to a structured course (coursework program). If it is based on completed study, this type of credit is expressed as a total amount of credit and will appear on your plan and academic record as General or Elective. If it is based on work experience, you will need to specify the unit in your request and it will appear on your plan and academic record as exempt.

General or Elective credit can only be applied if allowed under the course structure.

Unit exemption

Unit exemptions may be granted on the basis of equivalent study completed in a course either at Curtin or another institution or on the basis of relevant Prior Professional (work) or Life Experience. These are granted against specific units and will appear on your plan and academic record as exempt.

Unit transfer (or automatic credit)

Unit transfer refers to the transfer of identical units from one Curtin course to another Curtin course. These units will be automatically recorded on your study plan as credited (if they are the same unit number and version). For further information about the arrangements, please contact your Student Services Office.


This is similar to the unit exemption but is granted for completion of Curtin units provided by our specific articulation providers (e.g. Curtin College). The units will appear as designated on your academic record and its credit amount, grade and mark are recorded against the unit.

How to apply

To apply, you need to lodge your completed credit transfer application, along with the necessary documentation, at the time of applying to Curtin.

If you are unable to apply for CRL when submitting your course application, you should submit the forms prior to enrolment into your course of study.

1. Complete the Credit Transfer Application Form

Complete the editable PDF application form. Part of the form will ask you to nominate which Curtin units you want to apply for. The easiest way to get an idea of what to apply for is to compare your previous experience with the units in your course. You can find out which units are in your course via the Curtin Courses Handbook.

You will need to save a copy of the document prior to sending.

2. Attach necessary documentation (proof of your prior learning)

For credit based on tertiary units not studied at Curtin University you must attach:

  • Your official academic transcript with the marking key. If the original document is not issued in English, please read the information regarding International and overseas qualifications and provide official translations as per the University’s guidelines.
  • Unit Outlines for each unit studied for which you are requesting Credit Transfer.

For Credit Transfer based on relevant Prior Professional (work) or Life Experience you must attach:

  • A completed Supplement for Credit Transfer based on relevant Prior Professional (work) or Life Experience for each unit along with the required supporting documentation outlined on the form:
    • A signed official letter or statement (on company letterhead) from your employer confirming your employment details. This must include your position title, period of employment and roles and responsibilities.
    • A Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume outlining relevant work history.
    • A position/job description is desirable.

All documents provided must adhere to the Scanned documents and certification requirements and guidelines.

3. Submit your application to your relevant submission office

If you are a:

Domestic student, email your application to

International student, email your application to

Open Universities Australia (OUA) student, email your application to .

Alternatively, if you have applied for your course on-line through “Apply Now” you can upload your completed CRL form and documentation to that application.

We endeavour to process Applications for Credit Transfer promptly. A longer period may be applicable if a large amount of assessment is required, particularly at peak admission and enrolment times.


Did you apply through the Tertiary Institutes Service Centre (TISC)?

Curtin University will assess CRL based on vocational institution credit agreements (if applicable). This will be reflected in your study plan after you are admitted into the course. If you do not see any CRL on your study plan, please refer to the above – “how to lodge a CRL application”.

Are you a current student seeking CRL for a unit in which you are currently enrolled?

You must lodge your application for unit exemptions by the On-time deadline: the Friday of the first week of Semester commencement. If your complete application is not received by the On-time deadline, you will be liable for any fees or debts for any enrolled unit(s) that are exempted after the census date.

Are you a Course Switcher?

Automatic credit (or unit transfer) is the transfer of identical units from one Curtin course to another Curtin course. These units will be automatically recorded on your study plan as ‘Credited’ provided the units are completed within 10 years (Some courses may be shorter). These units will appear on your Academic Transcript with the unit title, credit points and a grade/mark.

If you believe that you are eligible for auto credits for core/elective/option units, please contact your relevant Student Service Office.

Important notes before you apply:

  • Not all forms of CRL are applicable to all programs offered. For example, where there are no electives in a major, no electives can be granted. Please refer to the Policy and Processes Information on page 2 of the Application for Credit Transfer form.

Special notes for Curtin Business School applicants:

  • Accounting majors: Unless specified, the CRL noted in the CRL search may not apply to Accounting majors. The School of Accounting advises that by granting CRL from particular units, graduates are not guaranteed that all requirements of CPA Australia or other professional bodies will be met. Where an applicant produces awards containing exemptions for prior qualifications, the School of Accounting will have to determine CRL for our degree on a case by case basis in line with CPA requirements.

CRL application deadlines

Please ensure that your CRL requests are submitted to the relevant office (see below) by the deadline.

Domestic and International students intending to graduate in Semester 2 2018

Undergraduate and Postgraduate coursework students – Monday 3 December 2018*

This deadline applies to application for students who are intending to graduate for the upcoming ceremony.

Domestic and International students

Semester 1 2019
Undergraduate and Postgraduate coursework students – Friday 1 March 2019*

Semester 2 2019
Undergraduate and Postgraduate coursework students – Friday 2 August 2019*

*Please note: Application deadlines are subject to change.

Important to note

The above deadlines apply to applications for unit(s) that you are enrolled in, or you are intending to enrol into, for the upcoming or relevant study period.

If this application is not submitted in sufficient time to be assessed and processed prior to the census date of the enrolled units for which you are requesting Credit Transfer then you will still be liable for any fees or debt for the enrolled unit/s.

CRL applications must be complete with all supporting documentation, comply with Curtin’s CRL policy and submitted to the relevant office (see below) by the above deadlines to be considered as ‘on-time’.

If you do not submit a complete CRL application on-time, you may not lodge a formal appeal against the credit decision.

Please be aware, if your CRL application requires academic assessment there may be a longer waiting period.

The deadline dates above apply to domestic and International students. If you are a Curtin OUA student please contact for deadline dates

Where to lodge your CRL application

Outcome of your Application for Credit for Recognised Learning

Any granted CRL will be reflected on your study plan. You do not need to enrol into units for which you have been granted CRL.

You may receive notification regarding your CRL in your Letter of Offer if you complete a CRL application that can be assessed with your offer. If have not been notified via your Letter of Offer, the outcome of your CRL application will be communicated via the Official Communication Channel (OCC) as per the CRL policy. You may access to your OCC after you have completed the EnrolNow! process.

Vocational courses and credit agreements

We have agreements with some vocational institutions to offer specific credit for some courses. You may be entitled to credit toward the completion of a related Curtin course.

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