Our learning spaces

The Agency

Curtin University's Command Centre, located in the Agency building

Located in Wesfarmers Court on our Perth Campus, Curtin Business School’s newest facility lets you experience first-hand how brands can monitor their online presence using social media analytics.

The Agency gives business students and professionals the opportunity to track online trends in real time and carry out social media marketing analytics for actual events and campaigns in a technology-rich environment.


Simulated Hospital Ward

Nursing simulation ward

The School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine supports student learning about clinical practice through guided simulation and clinical skills experiences. Rehearsing skills, including communication and teamwork, before clinical practice experiences is important for patient safety. The Simulated hospital ward also improves students’ insight about the whole of practice, their roles and responsibilities.


The Curtin HIVE

The Curtin HIVE facility

The Curtin HIVE (Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch) is an advanced facility established by Curtin University to serve the growing demands of researchers and industry for visualisation, virtualisation and simulation capabilities in Western Australia.



CBS Trading Room

Lecturer helping student use Bloomberg terminal

Providing a truly innovative learning experience, the Curtin Business School Trading Room is unlike any other teaching facility in Western Australia. This distinctive learning space simulates a real-life business environment to prepare you with the practical skills you’ll need to graduate career-ready.


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