Perth city skyline at night
Cottesloe beach

Living in the vibrant city of Perth

As the thriving capital of Western Australia, Perth is a prosperous and cosmopolitan city set against the stunning backdrop of the Indian Ocean. It is the perfect place to study.

Located in the same time zone as Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing and Kuala Lumpur, Perth’s close proximity to Asia and its international airport make Curtin a convenient destination, and a place where it is easy to stay in touch with your family and friends at home.

Perth is also ranked in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world and offers a wealth of experience to enjoy whilst studying. The Western Australia capital is a safe city, situated on the Swan River, with modern amenities and close to picturesque tourist destinations.


The city is a small but vibrant place with cafe strips, restaurants, shopping malls and exciting nightlife. Perth’s beachside location gives the city a laid-back feeling and sport and outdoor activities are central to the daily life of locals.

New arrivals to Perth can choose from a range of experiences to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle in the city. Visit historic Fremantle, discover the wineries in the Swan Valley or watch a game of Australian Rules Football.

Community amenities

Amenities such as supermarkets, ATMs and medical centres are available throughout the metropolitan area as well as essential services on-campus so you always have handy access to what you need. Shopping centres are easily found within the suburbs, with specialty stores in some centres stocking international foods.

There are several mobile and internet providers to choose from and free wifi is available whilst you are on-campus.

Local councils can provide information on sporting clubs and groups within your suburb and surrounds or you can become involved with groups at the university.


Perth experiences a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters. Summer occurs from December to February and winter is from June to August. Visitors to the city should be prepared for average minimums in winter around 6 – 9C and high temperatures around 40C in the middle of summer.

Kalgoorlie at sunset

Living in Kalgoorlie

Kalgoorlie is a mining city, 595km east-northeast of Perth, with many locals employed at the Super Pit, an open-cut gold mine. Students attending the West Australian School of Mines are located in the city with on-campus accommodation and easy access to local cafes, shopping centres and local facilities. Although isolated, Kalgoorlie is a thriving community with a colourful history and plenty of surrounding areas to explore.


As a mining city, Kalgoorlie is a laidback and casual city. Many of the locals are employed within mining and work at the Super Pit, the open-cut gold mine.

There’s plenty to see and do in the historic city when you are taking a break from study. Cool off in the swimming pool at the local recreation centre or join one of the local sporting clubs.

Kalgoorlie is also increasingly becoming a tourist destination and there are plenty of places to explore within the area. Get a group of friends together and take a self drive tour of the region and surrounding towns.

Community amenities

Students have access to on-campus amenities such as accommodation, library and gym but there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy what the region has to offer. Kalgoorlie is a modern city with many of the community facilities you would find in Perth. Curtin staff and the city’s Visitor Centre can assist with finding your way around.


Local fitness centres including Snap Fitness and Inspired Life offer extensive facilities, as well as access to classes and personal training.

Shopping centres

Coles, Woolworths and IGA supermarkets are located throughout the city and suburbs and within easy access of the campus.


Orana Cinemas is a short distance from the WASM campus and shows the latest movie releases.

Cafes, restaurants & hotels

Kalgoorlie is famous for its many historic buildings and hotels so there are plenty of places to meet friends and unwind. There are cafes and coffee shops in the centre of town and several within close proximity to student accommodation at the campus.


Be prepared for a range of weather conditions. Kalgoorlie is known for its hot summers and its recommended to be prepared for temperatures which can reach above 40c. Most buildings are air-conditioned and provide a cool relief. Don’t be fooled by the location and the high heat in summer. The city can also experience chilly winters with minimums dipping to single figures.

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