Curtin Learning Experience

Higher education is in the midst of a global revolution and Curtin is among those leading the challenge! Our ambition is to be a global university recognised for innovation in learning and teaching, offering the opportunity of a quality and prestigious Curtin education to learners anywhere in the world.

Curtin already has a significant presence in the international education arena, with an extensive network of national and international partnerships, more than 90 fully online courses and 60,000 enrolled students participating remotely or at one of nine campuses in five countries.

More than 250,000 learners have registered for Curtin’s MicroMasters and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) following the 2015 launch of our partnership with edX, a consortium of elite universities established by Harvard and MIT.

Our vision

Our long term vision is Greater Curtin, a vibrant urban hub and knowledge city at Bentley with an intricate network of on-campus and online educators, researchers and students engaged with learning at Curtin from all over the world.


To ensure that Curtin graduates meet the evolving needs of industry and employers, we are gradually unbundling our courses to give students the flexibility to structure their qualifications based on their interests as well as future employment needs. Students will soon be able to mix and match subjects from different faculties and from affiliated partner universities. They can also participate in co-curricular activities that can develop and demonstrate a diverse range of skills. Students will be able to build a qualification that enhances and supports their personal, professional and career aspirations.

Student engagement

While the global economy expands and our student base extends far beyond Australia’s borders, the learning experience at Curtin will become increasingly personalised. Student-focused systems and learning analytics will give our staff useful insights into the achievements of students as well as the challenges they may be facing. We’ll be able to provide tailored guidance to enhance students’ personal and professional development.

Proposed changes to Curtin’s academic calendar

Curtin is considering making some changes to its current academic timetable to include an optional study period over summer, and to align its major teaching periods across campuses to provide more opportunities for students to gain international experiences at our overseas campuses.

If any changes go ahead, they will not be implemented until the start of 2021.

Right now, the University is consulting with students and staff to gather their input on all aspects of the proposal before any decisions are made.

Summer study periods have already been introduced by many other Australian universities. We now need to determine if this change is right for Curtin and, if so, how it might best work.

Visit our online support centre for questions on offerings, admission criteria, bridging and enabling courses. Anything Curtin course related, we can answer it.