Deferring your studies

A gap year is a year off that you can take between finishing high school and starting Uni. Otherwise known as deferring your studies, it can be a good alternative to starting uni if you’re feeling exhausted after completing high school, or if you’re just not sure what you want to do.

There’s a lot to weigh up when deciding whether to take a gap year, so you may find it helpful to talk to your school career advisor.

Changing courses

You might find that the course you chose to study isn’t exactly what you had in mind and you may want to switch to a different course. If you’re not happy with your course, you can meet with your tutors and other students, or visit Curtin Connect and speak to an advisor about your options.

Visit our online support centre for questions on offerings, admission criteria, bridging and enabling courses. Anything Curtin course related, we can answer it.