Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

There are a range of courses available to Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people at Curtin University.

At Curtin, Indigenous students are supported and encouraged to take control of their own learning with an enduring sense of belonging, autonomy and strength. There are a variety of financial and study-related resources and support services available to assist with your time at university.


The Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS) provides private tutorial assistance to Indigenous students enrolled in an undergraduate degree.

Indigenous Tertiary Enabling Course

The Indigenous Tertiary Enabling Course is a six month course designed to fast-track Indigenous students with a secondary education of year 11 and above, and/or a relevant TAFE qualification, into mainstream university degree programs.

The course provides you with the necessary academic knowledge and skills in a culturally appropriate environment. It promotes a strong sense of Indigenous identity and values your cultural background.

You can take part in cultural exchange field trips and camps, and receive life coaching and tutoring.

Indigenous Pre-Medicine and Health Sciences Enabling Course

The Indigenous Pre-Medicine and Health Sciences Enabling Course is a one year course designed to prepare Indigenous students who have not met the admission criteria for chosen courses in the health sciences or medicine degree programs at Curtin University.

The course provides you with foundation learning in areas such as mathematics, academic literacy and study skills, chemistry and human biology.

The course aims to give you the skills and confidence to pursue higher education in the fields of medicine and health sciences in a culturally appropriate environment.


Several scholarships are available to Indigenous students studying at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies or in other faculties.

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