The following criteria must be met to be eligible for ITAS tuition:

  • The student must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent,
  • Be enrolled in a Curtin enabling or undergraduate award level course (e.g. Bachelor or Associate).
  • Masters or PhD students are not eligible for ITAS unless they have a CAPS plan (Curtin Access Plan).

Types of tuition

  • Group tuition
    One tutor tutoring a minimum of five students at the same time.
  • Block release tuition
    If you study via block release, tutors may come to your hotel room in the evenings to provide tutoring. When you are on Block you must book your tutoring timeslots with the ITAS Officer. Arrangements are not to be made directly with a tutor or course coordinator.
  • Individual tuition
    This involves face-to-face contact with your tutor, and operates within the semester period only.

Hours of tuition

The ITAS Officer will determine your eligible hours based on your education assessment. Students can be approved for a maximum of up to two hours tuition per unit per week, with no more than eight hours per week.


There is a database of qualified tutors available, but you have the option to nominate your own tutor(s) on your ITAS application form. Your nominated tutor must apply to be a tutor under the ITAS program by completing a Prospective Tutor Pack [.pdf 678kB].

There is a process involved with lodging the tutor application and it will take approximately three weeks to get new tutors on the system, therefore it is vital that applicants lodge their expression of interest as soon as possible.

Prospective ITAS tutors must:

  • Be qualified through formal education or relevant experience;
  • NOT be a close relative of the student. The term “family” can be identified as follows:
    • A relative by blood or marriage or;
    • Has strong affinity with the individual and family;
    • Stands in a bona fide domestic or household relationship with the individual;
    • Is a child or adopted child of the individual;
    • Is a child or adopted child of the person standing in a bona fide domestic or household relationship with the individual.
  • NOT be directly involved in the assessment of the course in which the student is enrolled.

Tertiary students as tutors must:

  • Be at least two academic years ahead of the student (i.e. Second year students can only be approved as ITAS tutors for enabling students, Third year students can only be approved as ITAS tutors for first year students). First year students are not eligible to be ITAS tutors.);
  • Be able to show evidence of sound academic progress;
  • Not themselves be receiving ITAS tuition or have received ITAS tuition in the subject area.

Prior to any tutoring, a tutor must have a Sessional Contract and a current Student/Tutor Agreement with Curtin and the Centre for Aboriginal Studies.

About ITAS

ITAS was established in 1990 as part of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Policy and is funded through the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research & Tertiary Education. The scheme allows all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to receive private tutorial assistance.

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