How we’re making applying easier

Studying at university is an enriching experience, and one that can lead to many exciting career pathways and life opportunities. However, the process of entering university is not always clear.

For this reason, Curtin University is committed to making the process for entry into its courses as transparent as possible for prospective students, parents, teachers and other relevant parties. This commitment aligns with the recommendations of the 2017 Higher Education Standards Panel (HESP) report, Improving the Transparency of Higher Education Admissions, and the Higher Education Sector and Australian Government Implementation Plan.

The 2017 HESP report aims to:

  • achieve greater transparency through the use of common language about admissions processes and the publication of consistent information
  • widen the accessibility of information to prospective students
  • improve the comparability of information available from providers about their admissions processes and criteria
  • enhance the accountability of higher education providers for the information they publish about their admissions policies
  • ensure all higher education providers are subject to the same reporting requirements
  • give students, parents, teachers and career advisors the knowledge and capacity to more easily navigate higher education admissions policies and processes.

In response to the report, Curtin is ensuring the information about applying for courses is easy, informative and clear which will assist prospective domestic undergraduate students make better informed choices about studying at university.

Information will be presented in a way that best guides prospective applicants through the admission and application process and is tailored to individual circumstances.

Applicants fall into the following broad types:

With additional information on:

Information is tailored to each group and outlines Curtin’s admission policies and processes that will enable a prospective student to gauge and compare general and course specific admission criteria, application options and processes, and student profiles. These groupings are not an indication of how Curtin University may assess eligibility for applicants, but rather a simpler way for applicants to find the information that is most relevant to them.

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