What it costs

Fees for postgraduate coursework degrees vary from course to course. Our course overview will give you an indication of tuition fees for your intended course but should be used as a guide only, as tuition fees are charged by unit, and there is generally some flexibility in the unit combination you can choose.

Amenities fee

The Student Services Amenities Fee (SSAF) is a fee that is being charged by universities throughout Australia to support non-academic services and facilities for students. Examples are sporting and recreational activities, childcare, and food services.

Financial assistance


The FEE-HELP scheme offers local students a loan to pay their postgraduate university fees. Eligible students are able to access the loan to pay tuition fees up to the FEE-HELP limit.

If you defer the payment of fees through FEE-HELP, you won’t have to begin repaying the debt until your income is above the minimum repayment threshold. These payments will be deducted from your income similar to normal income taxes.

Employer-paid study

Your employer may be able to help you with the cost of postgraduate study. Many forward-thinking employers have developed formal Employee Education Assistance Policies (EEAPs).

Most successful EEAPs are based on sharing the costs. For example, you and your employer each pay half the tuition fees and you pay the other costs. There are several advantages to cost sharing. For instance, the fees and other expenses are generally tax deductible for both, and there is no Fringe Benefit Tax for the organisation to worry about.

If you are considering approaching your boss for postgraduate assistance, provide a written submission highlighting the benefits of your proposal and the direct and indirect costs.

Tax benefits

Your enrolment in postgraduate study at Curtin may entitle you to an income tax deduction for tuition fees and related expenses, if there is a direct connection between your course and your current work. You should consult a taxation advisor and/or the Australian Taxation Office for more information.


We offer a number of scholarships to assist students financially who are undertaking postgraduate study, both by coursework and research.


Under certain circumstances, a refund or remission of fees previously paid upfront may be granted. For full details, see refunds and remissions at our Fees website.

Get an idea of what your intended course will cost

Find the course you intend to study in the course overview for an indication of what it will cost. For the exact cost of a specific unit, use the fee calculator.

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