What to expect

Our postgraduate students come from varied backgrounds and undertake studies for different reasons, whether it’s to progress in your current career or pursue an academic interest. If you are coming from full time work or have not studied for a long time, adjusting to work and study may take some time.


Before deciding to commence an postgraduate degree, consider how you can manage your studies around your other commitments, such as work, family and personal life. There are options to study full time or part time to allow you to effectively manage your degree. Consider whether you will need to reduce your work hours to dedicate more time to study and the associated loss of income. Scholarships are available to provide financial support.

Different from undergraduate

Postgraduate studies are different from your undergraduate degree. Often the workload is higher and, as postgraduate degrees may be a stepping stone to a higher research degree, you are expected to undertake more independent study and research.

Timetable & contact hours

The times and days you attend university is more flexible than in your undergraduate years. Many lectures are held in the evening to accommodate students who are working and you can organise contact hours with your tutor. Some degrees may also be available to study online.

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