In order to accept the Letter of Offer and enrol in the University, Australian students (that is, Australian citizens or permanent residents) must complete an enrolment form. Although submissions can be made at any time of the year, enrolments will be processed by Graduate Research School on the first Wednesday of every month.

International applicants

International applicants must satisfy the requirements for enrolment and pay the fees indicated in the Letter of Offer as received from Curtin International. For international students who will be studying in Australia, once the necessary fees have been paid the University will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment. This document must then be presented to the consulate in your home country to obtain a visa for entry into Australia. You would then fill out an enrolment form to enrol on arrival at Curtin, and email it to the Graduate Research School.

International applicants not intending to study in Australia do not need to obtain a visa, and can be enrolled as soon as the fees have been received and an enrolment form has been submitted.

Once enrolled

You will then be issued with an Enrolment Advice, which you must check carefully to ensure all details are accurate. If you find any errors, you must notify the Graduate Research School immediately. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are correctly enrolled.

During the course of your enrolment, any change of contact details must be amended in eStudent (found in the ‘my studies’ tab) via Oasis as soon as possible.