Financial assistance

Curtin University and the federal government can provide financial assistance to help you to cover some of the costs associated with university study. There are several schemes available to students:


The right loan for you will depend on your circumstances, eligibility and our university guidelines.

Commonwealth supported place

Commonwealth supported place is a subsidy provided by the Government so that you only pay a ‘student contribution‘ rather than the tuition fees towards your unit(s) of study. All Australian students studying an undergraduate degree are automatically awarded a Commonwealth supported place.

You can calculate your approximate course or unit fees as a Commonwealth Supported student with our Fee Calculator. You will need to accept your offer before applying for a Commonwealth supported place. You can then submit your eCAF (Commonwealth Assistance Form) application via OASIS either on or before the census date.


HECS-HELP is a loan available to eligible students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place to pay your student contribution amount. It cannot be used for additional study costs such as accommodation or text books. See whether you are eligible and submit your eCAF (Commonwealth Assistance Form) via OASIS to apply.

The scheme allows you to defer payment of the required student contribution for your tuition fees. Repayment is made once your salary meets or exceeds the minimum threshold. The loan is then repaid as a percentage of your wage.


FEE-HELP is a loan available to eligible students enrolled in a fee-paying place. A fee-paying place is one for which the university does not receive any government funding and therefore you are required to pay the full course cost. This is where FEE-HELP can assist you. See if you are eligible and complete an eCAF (Commonwealth Assistance Form) via OASIS to apply.


The SA-HELP scheme provides financial assistance towards paying your Student Services and Amenities Fee which helps fund a wide range of non-academic services and amenities such as campus activities, extended cafe hours during teaching weeks and increased sporting opportunities.

The loan can pay for some or all of the fee and can be added to your accumulated HELP debt.

Visit the StudyAssist website for more information about loans to assist with your course fees.

Youth and student allowances through Centrelink

Curtin students may be eligible for financial assistance from Centrelink. You must be an Australian resident, studying full time but your case will be assessed according to your circumstances. There are several services you may be able to claim:


A scholarship is a sum of money or other financial assistance given to you to help support your study. The money is given to you provided you fulfil key requirements, such as academic performance, work experience or volunteer commitments. Scholarships have different eligibility criteria, application procedures and closing dates, so check these early on in your application process.

Browse our scholarships available to undergraduate, postgraduate and international students, and subscribe for a Scholarship Email Alert to get notified about new scholarships that match your criteria.

Curtin Student Guild

The Guild provides a range of services and discounts to members, including career and resume advice as well as tax and budgeting advice. All students are automatically members of the Curtin Student Guild.

Visit our online support centre for questions on offerings, admission criteria, bridging and enabling courses. Anything Curtin course related, we can answer it.