Fees and charges

There are several costs to consider before you start your application. Besides your course fees, there may be other costs you could incur, including living expenses. We can help you plan your budget and provide information on how much your course will cost.

Planning your budget

Before starting your studies, you will need to start planning your budget for your weekly living expenses. Your budget will depend on your personal circumstances such as whether you will work part time or receive financial assistance. When planning for your move into university life, consider some of the following:

Where will you live?

Will you live with your parents or move into a rental or university accommodation? Wherever you choose to live, you will need to budget for paying utility bills.

What are your medical expenses?

Whether you have health insurance or need medication, your medical expenses need to factored into your weekly costs.

How will you travel to and from uni?

Living closer to campus means you can walk, ride, catch public transport or take advantage of the Curtin Access Bus Service (CABS). If you choose to drive, you will need to factor in expenses such as car registration, parking permits, petrol and maintenance costs.

What are your university expenses?

Besides your tuition fees, you will also need to pay for the cost of textbooks and other necessary equipment for your course. The Guild can help you to access many benefits, but you will need to pay a membership fee.

What are your clothing costs?

Consider where you like to shop, whether it’s op shops or boutique stores and how often you need to update your wardrobe.

How do you like to enjoy your leisure time?

Going out with friends and keeping up hobbies helps you to maintain balance with your studies. Your entertainment budget can cover activities such as going to the movies, concerts or club memberships.

How much are your weekly food and groceries bills?

Eating at home and taking your lunch can help you save money but when planning your budget, you will still need to put aside for other everyday essential items. You may also wish to buy your lunch and eat out, which will need to factor in these costs.

How much is your mobile phone plan?

Having a reliable mobile phone is important. Think about your call and data use requirements and what your budget can accommodate.


Before you start your degree, consider how much your course will cost. At Curtin, tuition fees are charged by the undergraduate or postgraduate course units taken per study period and not by the entire course or by the mode of delivery. Fees remain the same for units whether they are delivered online or on-campus.

Commonwealth-supported undergraduate places are available to students who are:

  • Australian citizens
  • New Zealand citizens
  • Australian permanent resident visa holders
  • Australian humanitarian resident visa holders

If you are eligible, the Australian Government will pay a certain percentage of your tuition fees. You will be required to pay the remaining tuition fees for each course unit that you take, which will vary depending on the type of course you are studying.

Visit the Fees site to find out the cost of your units and use the online fee calculator to help you estimate the total cost of your course. You can add up the unit costs, or you can calculate the cost for a semester or year of study. Alternatively, you can view the ‘Fees’ tab on the course information page for your course of interest to see an indicative first year cost.

Your student contribution must be paid by the requested date, called the ‘census date’.

Information about the Higher Education Reform

Curtin University is currently working through what the Higher Education Reform will mean for current and future students. To keep up to date with changes as they occur, please view the Higher Education Reform – Student FAQ website.

International students

Commonwealth-supported places are not available to international students. Your tuition fees are calculated per unit, based on whether you are studying full or part time. The Fees Calculator can help you to work out the approximate cost of your course. The International Office can also provide further relevant information on fees.

You will need to pay the fees for your first study period (one semester or 100 credits) before arriving in Australia in order to receive a confirmation of enrolment. The fee quoted on the international offer letter is only approximate and may differ slightly depending on the units you choose to study.


You may be able to gain financial assistance if you are eligible for a scholarship.

Student services & amenities fee

The Student Services & Amenities Fee (SSAF) is a fee that is being charged by universities throughout Australia to support non-academic services and facilities for students. Examples are sporting and recreational activitieschildcare, and food services.


Keep in mind there may be some incidental costs specific to your course. For example, if your study involves using a laboratory, you may need a lab coat, safety glasses and gumboots. Or, if you take a jewellery design unit, you will need to pay for some of the materials you use. These are called incidental fees.

Your tuition fees do not cover the cost of some additional items required for studying a particular unit or course, such as:

  • Textbooks
  • Incidental fees for items such as laboratory coats or art supplies
  • First aid courses
  • Police clearance or Working with Children Check
  • Field trips

You may also incur day-to-day expenses while attending university, and will need to plan your budget around your personal circumstances.

For more information on the incidental fees for specific courses, contact the relevant head of school or course coordinator in your intended area of study.

Making payments & ePay

There are many ways to pay your fees at Curtin. Our preferred method of payment is Curtin ePay, and you can also use BPAY. Other options include payment via Paypal and Flywire.

Your eInvoice will tell you how much you need to pay and when your payment is due. Once enrolled, download a copy of your eInvoice to ensure you are paying the correct amount.

Visit our online support centre for questions on offerings, admission criteria, bridging and enabling courses. Anything Curtin course related, we can answer it.