Admission criteria

Assessment for entry to a course at Curtin is based on, but not limited to, the following criteria

  • calculated or notional Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or equivalent
  • previous academic results
  • written submission
  • portfolio presentation
  • interview
  • English language proficiency

Visit our courses site to find out the minimum admission criteria needed for entry into a particular course.

Credit for Recognised Learning

Depending on your previous academic results and the Curtin course you want to apply for, you may qualify for Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL). Curtin grants credit for units within your course that you may have previously completed through study or work experience. If you are eligible for CRL, you may receive exemptions from doing part of the course. You will need to provide your completed credit transfer application, along with the necessary documentation, in your TISC or Curtin application.

Applicants who have completed an enabling program

If you have completed an enabling program, you may qualify for entry into some undergraduate courses. The results of your enabling course will need to be supplied in your application to demonstrate how you meet the admission criteria.

How an applicant is selected

Only applicants who meet the required minimum admission criteria may be selected for an offer of a place in an undergraduate course.

If you don’t meet the admission criteria, there are still other ways to gain entry into Curtin.

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