Curtin College

Curtin College is an integrated pathway provider to Curtin University and offers courses designed to prepare you for entry into the second year of Curtin’s bachelor degree. Its flexible admission criteria, smaller classes and extra support make it a popular choice for those who don’t immediately qualify for university.

Curtin College is for domestic students who:

  • Did not meet Curtin’s ATAR admission criteria
  • Completed Year 12 but did not attain an ATAR
  • Did not complete enough WACE subjects at high school
  • Successfully completed Year 11 (with a minimum 60% average), or;
  • Are an applicant with work and life experience and do not meet Curtin’s admission criteria (these students will be assessed on a case-by-case basis)

Based on the main Bentley campus in Building 205, Curtin College provides qualifications ranging from pre-university to diploma programs for Australian and international students. These qualifications guarantee a place in the second year of the related Bachelor degree, subject to meeting progression rules and admission criteria.

Streams available to students from Australia and New Zealand include Commerce, Arts and Creative Industries, Mass Communication, Information Technology, Engineering, Mining Engineering, Health Sciences (Nursing, Psychology, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Human Biology Preclinical, Health Sciences, Food Science and Technology, Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology and Laboratory Medicine).

Curtin College offers the following programs which will qualify you for university entry:

  • Diploma (identical to the first year of the bachelor’s degree) – Eight or nine university level units studied over a period of two to three trimesters or two semesters depending on your area of study

Have any questions about courses, admission criteria, bridging and enabling courses or anything else Curtin related? We can answer it.