Enabling programs

We offer a range of enabling programs which are tailored to suit specific types of students. If you fall into one of the categories below, click on the suggested course for more information.

If you:Suggested course
are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descentIndigenous Tertiary Enabling Course
Indigenous Pre-Science and Engineering Enabling Course
underperformed in Year 12 due to events outside your controlYou may be eligible for special consideration
have completed two not-for-degree (extension studies) units and satisfied our English Language ProficiencyYou may already be eligible for entry. Contact us for more information.

UniReady Enabling Program

Our UniReady Enabling Program is specifically designed to help you gain entry into a range of Health Sciences, Humanities or Business and Law undergraduate courses.

Other enabling programs

Completion of an enabling or bridging course offered at another Australian university, which is at least one semester in duration and satisfies entry into that university, may meet Curtin’s admission criteria, for advice on your eligibility, please contact the Admissions Office on 1300 222 888 or email admissions@curtin.edu.au.

Visit our online support centre for questions on offerings, admission criteria, bridging and enabling courses. Anything Curtin course related, we can answer it.