Processing of your application

  1. All applications will be acknowledged by email by the Admissions Office.
  2. The Manager, Admissions Office, may contact applicants to obtain more information. While not a mandatory part of the consideration process, an interview may be deemed necessary where an application requires clarification.
  3. The Manager, Admissions Office, will make an initial assessment of the application to determine whether the applicant meets special consideration eligibility. If an application does not meet eligibility the Manager, Admissions Office, will provide information on alternative pathways. If appropriate, a decision can be made by the Manager, Admissions Office, at this stage, based on precedent. This often occurs with recurring circumstances, or for any issue for which the University has clearly established guidelines.
  4. More complex cases are submitted to the Special Consideration Panel Members for a determination. The Manager, Admissions Office, may consult with the relevant Head of School depending on the circumstances presented in the application.
  5. Once a decision has been made, the Manager, Admissions Office, will notify the applicant of the outcome via email. The applicant’s ATAR will be amended on the TISC database, if appropriate, or the outcome will be communicated to the Faculty assessing the admission application during mid-year entries.
  6. In cases where the decision is to not grant Special Consideration, the Manager, UAC, will provide information on alternative pathways to the University.
  7. The Student Transition and Retention Team (START) will ensure successful applicants receive support once they have commenced studies.


Whilst applications are treated confidentially, this does not preclude the Manager from seeking advice from appropriate Heads of School or other appropriate persons. Wherever possible the applicant’s personal details will be suppressed. The Student Transition and Retention Team (START) will be advised of applicants who have received special consideration so that they may be provided with support and for statistical purposes. The circumstances described in the application will not be disclosed to START.

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