Apply for StepUp to Curtin

If you have already received a notification from the Tertiary Institution Service Centre (TISC) that you are eligible for StepUp, please do not submit this form.

Please check the StepUp to Curtin eligibility criteria and application deadlines before submitting your application.

Semester one

Please complete the form below if:

  • You meet eligibility criteria
  • You meet financial hardship eligibility measures
  • You are a WA applicant and you believe you’ve met one of the StepUp to Curtin eligibility measures but you haven’t been advised if you’re eligible for StepUp in your UAAL.

Semester two

All applicants who wish to be considered for StepUp must complete the StepUp application form below, and submit an online application for their chosen course via the Curtin course finder.

You will receive a notification of the outcome of your application via email once your application has been processed.


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