Other admission options

Special consideration

We recognise that preparation for tertiary study isn’t always smooth. Applicants whose educational achievements have been compromised or disadvantaged by external factors may be eligible to apply for special consideration.

Flexible entry pathways

If you don’t meet our admission criteria, there are still plenty of ways to gain entry to Curtin.

Portfolio entry

Alternative entry is available for selected courses for those who can demonstrate equivalence to Curtin’s ATAR entry through the submission of a portfolio that demonstrates evidence of your academic achievements, qualifications and ability.

Please submit your portfolio to gain entry.

Enabling programs

If you have not met Curtin’s admission criteria, Curtin also offers a range of enabling programs which are tailored to suit specific types of students.

Curtin College

Based on the main Bentley campus, Curtin College provides qualifications ranging from pre-university to diploma programs. These qualifications guarantee a place in the second year of the related bachelor degree, subject to meeting progression rules and admission criteria.

TAFE and other AQF qualifications

If you’ve received a qualification from TAFE or another Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) recognised institution, you may meet Curtin’s minimum academic admission criteria and be able to get into university.


Have any questions about courses, admission criteria, bridging and enabling courses or anything else Curtin related? We can answer it.