Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities offers flexibility, a broad knowledge base, the ability to communicate your ideas effectively, experience in teamwork and skills in self-reliance.

The Faculty of Humanities offers undergraduate courses in Built Environment, Design and Art, Media and Communication, Education, Asian Languages and Social Sciences. While the range of degrees is quite diverse, all are comprehensive, flexible, multi-skilled, forward-thinking and practical.

Humanities offers a diverse range of postgraduate programs from Project Management, International Relations, Sustainability and Urban and Regional Planning, through to Education, Art, Librarianship and Information Management, Journalism, writing and performance. There is a strong practical emphasis in all these programs.

The faculty delivers courses that combine practicality and industry focus with innovation and creativity. Programs are offered in a variety of study modes that reflect innovative approaches to teaching and incorporate information technology to maximise student learning outcomes.

What graduates are doing

Humanities degrees from Curtin give students a solid foundation for their future careers, be it as architects, teachers, designers, journalists, planners, writers, producers or artists. Humanities courses have been proven to produce graduates with the highest levels of creative and critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills, which are transferable across all occupational fields.

In 2017, Journalism graduate Rebecca Johns won the title of West Australian Journalist of the Year 2017 for her shared coverage of the Kalgoorlie riots.

Curtin graduate Brendan Seals works as a visual effects sequence supervisor. Blockbuster superhero movies are part and parcel of his daily job.

As the winner of both the National Emerging Architect Prize and the Delux Study Tour in 2015, Nic Brunsdon’s prizes signify his outstanding achievements. He owns two successful businesses in Perth: Spacemarket, an urban program that pairs disused spaces with useful people, and POST, a social architecture design practice.

Doctor of Science Education graduate, Dr Susan Barkdoll, was awarded Curtin’s Lifetime Achievement Award. She has 30 years of science education experience, from kindergarten to university level in San Bernardino, California.

Research and development

Research in the Faculty of Humanities is innovative, applied and relevant, and is frequently conducted in partnership with government and industry. The Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute seeks to develop innovative solutions to the major sustainability issues facing the community and businesses today.

Other research groups specialise in community development in Asia and the Pacific, creative technologies and Australian culture, providing elegant solutions to complex problems and a deeper understanding of Australia and surrounding regions.

Ian Bell, Bachelor of Arts (Humanities)

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