Ghislene Goh

A typical Thursday for Ghislene Goh, second year Physiotherapy student.Ghislene Goh

7:00amWakey wakey, rise and shine!! It's going to be a long day today – nonetheless, weekend is around the corner!
8:00amHead to the hospital for Orthopaedics clinical placement – Excited! Looking forward to meeting the Physiotherapist and applying my knowledge and clinical skills!!
9:00amClinics – Had a total knee replacement case and I did subjective assessment.
10:00amClinics – got to use the goniometer to measure joint angles & did manual muscle testing for strength of muscles.
11:00amClinics – manage to get the client out of bed using the elbow crutches.
12:00pmScoot back to uni for Lunch & Lab!!
Thanks to Ryder (my trusty car) for getting me everywhere -
Parking near Physio building in the green zone at this hour.. Nightmare!!
1:00pmGym up for Applied Clinical Science Lab at the Physio Gym!
2:00pmLab - Consolidating what we have learnt thus far: We get to come up with an exercise programme for our lab partners! Whooopiee!!
3:00pmAhh … Break!! *I can feel slight muscle hypertrophy in my biceps!! ;)*
4:00pmOne hour Neurology lecture – Overview of the Nervous System.
The brain is amazing, creating connections 24/7 for our entire lifespan!
Mnemonics of the 12 Cranial Nerves:
Oh! Oh! Oh! To Touch And Feel Very Good Velvet, AH!
5:00pmHolla Ryder – next stop: Rugby Club
6:00pmSports Training at the Rugby Club – taping, massage, first aid
7:00pmLate Night shopping – Carousel!! *Tip: Cheap food past 8.20pm!
8:00pmFinally Home!! Shower, dinner.. chill out with my awesome housemates from Norway, Mauritius, New Zealand, Iran! 🙂
9:00pmWrite up my SOAPIER* notes for the clinic visit this morning
*Subjective, Objective, Analysis, Plan, Intervention, Evaluation, Review
10:00pmPrepare for Friday …
11:00pmZonk out!!!

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