June-Ann Sharp

A typical Wednesday for June-Ann Sharp, final year Commerce student.June-Ann Sharp

7:00amI'm awake. Same time as my siblings and I'm thinking yes, half way through the week and one more day until the weekend (for me)!
8:00amJust about ready and out the door to take my two younger siblings to school, whilst mother has the luxury of sleeping in. This gives me the opportunity to get to uni, find parking and a computer.
9:00amIn the 24 hour lab, checking emails and completing my tutorial work for this evening's International Management tutorial. Tonight's topic is Global Alliances and my example will be Lenovo.
10:00amDoing those additional readings to enhance my answers through the awesome and funky library website. ProQuest and the e-reserve is where I will find my additional articles.
11:00amFinish my international management tutorial and then look over tomorrow afternoon's Asian Management presentation. My group is presenting Bharat Petroleum and we are stating how they are a collective (family) operated business.
12:00pmMy tummy is grumbling and it's time for me to go. Quickly grab lunch at Angazi Café. Then had off onto the freeway.
1:00pmStart work, which is teaching a lovely bunch of year 9's Jazz Dance.
2:00pmWait around at the school for siblings so I can take them home.
3:00pmHome and mum's made afternoon tea. Bless! I also eat dinner then chill out with family.
4:00pmTell my folks and siblings how much I love them, then head back to uni, beating the peak hour traffic.
5:00pmFreeway is a breeze heading south.
6:00pmIn class and ready for International management tutorial. It begins with a brainstorm. Each student writes a keyword on the board that relates to the evening's topic which is Global Alliances and my keyword is Lenovo.
7:00pmTutorial activities are well underway and this consists of a group presentation, group discussion and class case study.
8:00pmYay! International management tutorial ends and I am looking forward to going home.
9:00pmHome and just chilling. Might watch Law & Order. Oooouuuuu.
10:00pmJust thinking … tomorrow's presentation is the last uni assessment I have … yes!
Then no work or uni things to do on Friday. So I can actually get ready for the weekend tomorrow night. Whooo whoo!
11:00pmSoooooo ready for bed.

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