Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE)

The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) is the qualification given for completing secondary education (Year 11 and Year 12) and is typically used to gain entry to university.

If you did not complete your WACE or you would like to improve your results, you can still complete the exams to qualify for university entry. This option is particularly useful where the course you’re interested in studying has specific WACE subject prerequisites (such as mathematics) which you don’t meet.

This option is available only to permanent residents and citizens of Australia and New Zealand and is valid in Western Australia only. You must be at least 19 years of age before 1 March in the year these subjects are taken.

As a mature-age candidate, you need to sit a minimum of two WACE subjects in the same year and complete the examination at the end of the year. You then compete with other students wishing to enter university on the basis of your exam result. Your subject choice needs to take into consideration:

  • Unacceptable subject combinations
  • Prerequisite subjects for your intended Curtin course (find a course for information on its prerequisite subjects)
  • English language proficiency must be met in addition to any prerequisite requirements.

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