ATAR result release and university offers

After submitting your application to study at Curtin through TISC, you will need to wait for your ATAR results to be released in December and university offers to be sent out in January.

Release of ATAR results

ATAR results are released in December each year. You may want to revisit your TISC preferences then to reflect your ATAR score.

Find out this year’s ATAR result release date

Release of university offers

There are two rounds of university offers. The main round of offers occurs in January each year.

If you’re accepted into a Curtin course, you’ll receive a notification of offer email from Curtin which is sent to the email address you provided in your TISC application.

Those who are qualified for Curtin but are unsuccessful in the main round will automatically be reconsidered in the second round of offers.

If you receive an offer of admission into a Curtin course in the main round, you can accept or defer the offer. If you have been offered your second to sixth preference you can wait for the second round to see if you get your first preference. Check your Universities Admission Advice Letter (UAAL) for what to do when you have received your main round offer.

Instructions on how to accept or defer your offer will be provided in your offer email.

Find out this year’s main round and second round offer release dates

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