What to expect

Deciding whether university is right for you can be difficult. Coming directly from school it can be hard to know what to expect. Below are some of the benefits of pursuing a university degree at Curtin:

Choose what you study

Find the right course for you and study an area you are passionate about. With five main faculties, Curtin offers a range of degrees so you can choose a career that suits you.

Greater independence

Whilst studying, you will gain universal skills such as organisation and time management. You will be responsible for organising your timetable, completing paperwork and handing in assignments on time. There are plenty of resources available at Curtin to help you with completing your studies.

Great experience

When choosing a university, the culture, campus life and amenities are an important consideration. Curtin’s vibrant and active community can provide opportunities for you to enjoy life outside your studies, as well as make friends and connections which last beyond your university years. The Curtin Alumni Community spans over 155 countries and comprises 190,000 Curtin graduates worldwide.

Graduate highly employable

Curtin collaborates with some of the biggest companies in Australia and internationally, to ensure our research and education is relevant and that you graduate highly employable. As a graduate you will belong to a thriving Curtin alumni and can build valuable connections to help you succeed in today’s competitive global market.

Have any questions about courses, admission criteria, bridging and enabling courses or anything else Curtin related? We can answer it.